D.B.S. Chimney Systems




D.B.S. Chimney Systems

D.B.S. Chimney Systems was founded in 2004 by 3 enthusiastic engineers in Konya. D.B.S. differentiated itself in the market by working as a team with its employees, suppliers and customers.

It gained a reputable position in the sector thanks to the working culture that promotes work ethic and team spirit among employees and a transparent management style.

Throughout the years D.B.S. grew with its team. Delivered multiple successful projects. Please visit the References section for examples.

D.B.S. product portfolio consists of flue systems which are essential for efficient and economical heating systems and deliverers parts that are complient with 305 / EU / 2011 Building Materials Regulation and are CE marked according to the standards that apply.

In 2018 D.B.S. moved to its new production plant in Ankara which extends to 1800 m2 and invested in its production equipment and capacity heavily to keep up with the technological advancements to reach its target to offer its customers high quality, fast and economical solutions.

D.B.S. will keep its enthusiasm to deliver its customers on its way to its mission ,in fairness towards its employees and aware of its responsibility towards State of Turkey.

15 Years


2600 Completed


650 Satisfied